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UAT under its Hygieia brand has partnered with a U.S. based company that has more than 130 years of experience in the textile industry. Partnering with a domestic company that has been on the cutting edge of soft surface innovations for decades enables Hygieia to be at the forefront of consumer needs while maintaining a focus on advanced research to discover what is next. This partnership incorporates a strong global technical team designed to support the entire supply chain from manufacturing to customer delivery. We focus on the relentless pursuit of satisfying our brand promises at the point of consumer use.

“Changing The World, Is What We Do”.

Tested & Proven

Through this strategic partnership, Hygieia’s underlying technology is registered as an antimicrobial with the US EPA, is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and is used in dozens of FDA approved products. Never before has so much research and advanced textile engineering technology been applied to textiles to include something so simple as a bed sheet, underwear or socks proven by United States Special Forces, NASA, and Olympic athletes Hygieia’s new partnership reflects a rich heritage of delivering superior performance that has been validated by studies at prestigious institutions throughout the world for more than a decade.
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