ASP™ Technology

Exposure to oxygen and moisture causes the silver within HYGIEIA to oxidize forming silver ions. These silver ions are the catalyst for the antimicrobial effect.

Natural, Pure, Safe.

By using natural elements, we decrease the impact on the environment

The silver ions pass through the cell wall and membrane of the pathogen where they begin by attacking the DNA of the bacteria, virus or fungi. Once the DNA is compromised the ions disrupt the respiratory function, cell division and replication process of the pathogen resulting in catastrophic failure of vital life systems of the microbe. Ultimately the bacteria are destroyed before it has a chance to reproduce and you are left with a clean fresh garment. HYGIEIA powered products will retain their antimicrobial effect for the life of the garment.


Hygieia’s powerful technology inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics, eliminating pathogens and human-based odor for the life of the garment. Hygieia textiles are made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of a fiber or in the instances where “wicking” performance is needed, by covalently bonding silver to our performance yarn within a polymer. The permanent performance of Hygieia keeps our products smelling fresher for longer, even after multiple wear cycles between laundering.


Engineered to exacting standards our signature HYGIEIA based yarns are permanently bonded within the fabric, neutralizing pathogens and odor causing bacteria. Unlike competitors that use chemical solutions, our advanced smart fabric technology is natural and permanent for the life of the garment.


Advanced Textile Innovation

We are advancing textile innovation by redefining how fabrics are made and implemented. We use the most advanced yarn spinning processes to weave the smartest textiles in the world so that we can deliver the most cutting-edge products available.

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